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Suggestions for you to make profit off your server ^_^

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Who doesn't want to make a pretty penny right? Well I might just have some idea's for that! *Cheeky wink*

So first off let's not think big like wolf of wall street big but let's keep it short and sweet and maybe even get that $$$$.. Can hear the sound of money already.

Here's what I am thinking. I play games like Rpg, player vs player and the majority have a donator system with a variety of items i.e game where knights and mages will face off in open world games they might have some wands, robes, spellbooks for the mage and helmet, shield, armour, swords for the knight that you can only get from paying for points.

I see you have points you can earn in-game which is cool and stuff but realistically ain't going to bring in any income.

Here is some suggestions of my own.

-New point's system! (You pay real money to acquire these points! These point's can help buy items your in-game points can't each set of point's have a value depending).

Keep the in-game points system for the pro items.

-A weapon that deals just that little bit more damage than any of the in-game weapons so you gain a bit of an advantage but not a great deal and isn't able to be obtained without being bought with the new points system. (set amount of points).

-Body armour that is better than your standard body armour to help take more damage and against the more advanced weapon. (set amount of points)

-Vehicle that isn't obtainable in-game and again is that bit better, funkier, good enough to eat your breakfast off the bonnet type of car.

This is all I have at the moment but you have to start ball park small before you're scoring a touch downs at the superbowl, right? Definitely.

*Put's on shades* I'll have a martini when you're ready.

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